My favorite time of year!


November 7, 2017

Toys For Tots time again! I was very sad two years ago when I had back surgery and missed the Toys For Tots drive. Hell, I dang near died, but that is not the point. I wanted to be out there in the cold and the wind and the weather taking part in the longest, most grueling, most fun & rewarding charity event I get to do as part of my job here.

Not that all the charity events we do aren't great, because they are. Toys For Tots is just special to me and the rest of the people on this show. Mainly because we are huge children and we love to play with toys and know that we played some role in making kids happy.

We just facilitate the whole thing and put the word out about what's going on. It's the thousands of people and dozens of Marines who make it a really cool thing every year. If you've never taken part, it's worth the price of a toy and some gas just to come stand around a propane heater drinking coffee with some Marines. How often do you get to stand around a propane heater drinking coffee with Marines? Unless you're a Marine, you've probably never gotten to do that. Why cheat yourself of that opportunity?​ Why deprive yourself a chance to be a real man and drink coffee with Marines? And you best drink it black if you drink it with Marines. There's no time for cream and sugar. Black coffee tastes good. Not as good as pain, but damn near. Now get out there and make Christmas Merry, men!