Inside Recording Rival Sons' 'Feral Roots' and a Special Performance of "Do Your Worst"

The band's ferocious new album is out now

January 25, 2019

California band Rival Sons retreated to the woods of Tennessee seeking inspiration for their album Feral Roots.

"No wifi, no cell signal, just to write and try to get into each other's heads" explains Rival Sons singer Jay Buchanan in our exclusive interview above. Buchanan and guitarist Scott Holiday took us inside the recording experiment that ultimately influenced the sound and lyrics of the band's new album, and most directly their song "Do Your Worst."

"It's really the ominous tone that sticks in my head, that caused me to write those lyrics about me, the devil, and somehow there's a woman in the middle."

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The song "Do Your Worst" is the first explosive shot fired on Feral Roots, an album that finds the band capturing the raw spirit of classic rock n' roll and injecting it with new energy. As the world looks to crown bands as the revival of rock, it might be Rival Sons that best captures the essential soul of that classic sound. They manage to lean into those best bluesy tendencies and combustible rhythms without ever sounding like an echo. Rival Sons carry the torch lit by bands like Led Zeppelin, but never burn their hand by making it muscular and modern. 

Watch the full clip above to learn what helped create the sound of "Do Your Worst", and check out a special performance of the song below. Feral Roots is now available everywhere.