Through The Eyes Of Lewis Vol.3

September 29, 2017

Alot is being said about the kneeling of when the National Anthem is being either played or sung at football games lately and it all started coming to light because of Colin Kaepernick kneeling while the national anthem was being played.  After that, other players joined in salute to Kaepernick to exercise their First Amendment Right to "Freedom of Speech".  The thing is, its true, its their right to do that.  Does it mean we have to like it or support it, absolutely not.  However, it is their right.  But has anyone out there ever thought that because Kaepernick was playing so terribly in the nfl, and no one was talking about him at all, that all this was was just simply a publicity stunt that he conjured up himself to actually get some sort of attention?  I personally think so because when you look at it, what is everyone talking about now?  The kneeling of the national anthem.  Which was started by who?  Colin Kaepernick.  Its his right to do so.  Now the attention goes to our president Donald Trump criticizing players for kneeling during the national anthem, and now teams are starting to revolt against trump for standing up for his right to say whatever he feels he should say because its HIS First Amendment Right to do so.  Its a known fact that we live in a country and a society full of hypocrisy, full of people saying "well thats my opinion, but yours is stupid" or "Your opinion doesnt matter", when it does actually.  People need to stop being so ignorant about facts and about trying to get attention all the time just to get people to talk, however I will say, Vince McMahon said this one time, he said "Any press is Good press", just think about that and thats Through The Eyes Of Lewis.