Through The Eyes Of Lewis Vol. 3

June 7, 2017

I get alot of messages from young athletes that are aspiring to become professional wrestlers and they ask me what they need to do in order to achieve that dream.  How do they train, where can they go and learn the "ways of the ring", the bumps, etc.  WELL ladies and gentlemen, Im here to give you insight on what to do and how to do it.  Most people dont realize that the business of professional wrestling is alot different than what most people think.  Its just that, A BUSINESS.  However, you HAVE to be an athlete in order to be able to do what we do.  Its not like you sit on the couch, watch it and say "hey I can do that" buy some wrestling gear and boots and now all of a sudden "your a wrestler".  Our business comes with alot of pain, suffering, blood, sweat, tears, and sacrifice.  Sacrifice in doing what you love, but it also takes alot of DISCIPLINE.  Most people dont understand that word anymore and often times most people are scared of that word.  


To those of you that are looking to get into this profession, let me give you some tips on what you should be doing to aspire to be a professional wrestler.  First, you MUST workout and be in the best possible shape you can be in.  Now alot of people want to say, well what about guys like rey mysterio and evan bourne and guys like that, heres the thing, yes those gentlemen are very very talented and have done alot in wrestling, but they had to do the things that were necessary for them to make it to the big time.  They made sure that they went to the gym, stayed in shape and didnt look like a teenager.  Nothing against those who do or who are working hard in order to do what they love, however the effort you put in will show in the end.  There are gym memberships out there that are very affordable for ANYONE so theres no reason why you cant standout and be noticed and take pride in yourself and your body to become a wrestler.  This is a business full of "giants" or larger than life characters and i assure you that the ones you see on tv now that look like they dont workout are the ones that are in the gym.

Second, when you are choosing where you are wanting to train, make sure that the trainer has at least had some experience in being in the big time or a part of the big time.  Now I know that people are like well if you learn it from them then this guy can do it as well.  Nope.  Not the case at all.  When someone has experienced what its like to be on that main stage more than once, its because the big time saw something in that person and gave them a shot.  If someone just works for alot of local promotions but has never been to say WWE or TNA, however theres a gentleman or woman down the road that has been to these promotions and worked for these promotions even if its just for a short time, Im much rather going to go where the experience is rather than someone who treats it as a hobby.  You have to treat the wrestling business as something very serious.  Because if you dont, people get hurt and then your labled as someone who doesnt know what they are doing and then there goes your bookings which means there goes money down the drain that you could potentially earn.  

Finally, make sure that the craft your taking in, that you take pride in it and know what YOUR doing as well.  That can also go into your training as well however you never want to settle.  Always change up yourself.  Always reinvent yourself because if you dont stay with the times then you will get lost in the shuffle.  There are several several wrestlers/performers out there who are AMAZING at what they do in that ring and because they dont have that look or image or character that the big time is looking for, then they will get lost in the shuffle and its a shame.  Make sure your staying relevant and always promote YOURSELF.  Noone is going to promote you but you, and no one is going to get your name out there but you.  Its a business where you have to rely on yourself in order to get to the next level and in the wrestling business or in any business for that matter, its ok to be selfish and protect yourself.  Its those that call you selfish that are not doing the things that they need to do to get to the next level.  Not saying its bad or not ok to have friends in the wrestling business because it is, however I would like to quote Hulk Hogan with his words in about the wrestling business "If you have any friends in this business it means your not making any money".  Of course its just my opinion, I could be wrong and thats Through The Eyes Of Lewis.