Through The Eyes Of Lewis Vol. 2

May 18, 2017

          Theres been alot that has gone on in the news as of late.  Whether its Aaron Hernandez suicide in prison, to the recent news of Chris Cornell from Soundgarden passing away which all are truly sad to hear and my thoughts and prayers go out to the families, there is one local story that hits home with me.  The petition to change the name of my alma mater high school Wade Hampton High School.  When I see that there is a petition going around started by students today at my former high school, obviously the first question is why change a name of a school that has been in existance for over 57 years? Points are made and points are argued over their said reason to change the historic name of a legacy high school such as wade hampton.  MY OPINION on this is to not change the name of wade hampton high school as a counter petition is going around for the name to not be changed.  For me, this goes way back to my childhood as the school Wade Hampton High has been in my family since I was 8 years old.  

          Many memories of my life stem from the school, many lifelong friends, many colleagues, many awards, championships won have all stemmed from that school.  My father, when I was 8 years old, got his first teaching job at wade hampton high school.  He worked very hard while in school to become not just a teacher but a football and wrestling coach for the school.  My mother worked while my father went to school to accompolish his dream and major praise goes to my mother for being a wonderful mother to both my sister and I and major praise to my father for accompolishing what he wanted to accompolish in the fact that if you believe and you work hard then rewards will come to you, just believe.  However it was wade hampton high school that gave my father his opportunity in both teaching and coaching.  My sister and I would go to many football games, many wrestling matches, many other meets that the school would have all in support of my father and his teams and his hard work.  My father created not just a future for himself at wade hampton, but a dynasty in his coaching that will never be changed.

          As I grew up and became a student athlete for wade hampton high, I created memories for myself that will last a lifetime.  Compilling records at wade hampton that to this day have never been broken.  There are 4 records within wrestling during the schools history, and Im proud to say that I hold to this day 3 of the 4.  The records are Most Wins in a Season (40-0), Most Wins In A Career (139-15), and Most Pins In A Career (107).  I became The 1999 145 lb SC State Wrestling Champion and represented my school and the state in the National tournament.  I was voted by the coaches and athletes of wade hampton as Male Athlete of the Year in 1999 due to my accompolishments at wade hampton.  These are accompolishments that im very proud of and I know my accompolishments as well as the accompolishments of other great athletes and teachers will never go unnoticed.  With that being said, I never not one time had a conversation about changing the name of my high school simply because of what their life consisted of.  If you change the name of the high school, does that mean that wade hampton blvd needs to be changed or the "Wade Hampton District", or perhaps his statue in front of the state house?  I think not.  In my opinion, its about the memories that you create for yourself while in school because you only live once, make the best and make the most of what you do in your life.  You never know what life will bring you so prepare yourself, expect the worst but hope for the best.  I do admire the students and others for trying to speak their point and case as they are well entitled to do so, however its not the person your trying to change, its a legacy of a school that your changing because I hate to say this, however you cant rewrite history, and thats Through The Eyes Of Lewis Vol. 2