Through The Eyes Of Lewis

Through The Eyes Of Lewis Vol. 1

April 19, 2017

Welcome to Through The Eyes Of Lewis Vol.1, and for today, I would like to discuss Critics in the world.  When I scroll through Facebook or twitter, which you can follow me @jefflewisneal and, theres so many opinions in the world whether it be about sports, politics, religion or whatever the case may be.  Some are very positive, most are negative, and alot are very deragatory on the subject matters.  For example, ANYTHING relating to our president Donald Trump.  Alot of criticism goes against our president for the job hes doing now, decisions hes making in office, certain things that he says in press conferences, etc etc.  Heres MY opinion on the matter, Im not the president of this country, I dont know what its like to run a country, Ive never experienced what its like to have to make decisions on whats best for a country ever, so my belief is unless you have done that yourself, then truly all your doing is just spitting garbage out.  When it comes to sports, people trash or talk smack about those who have recieved opportunities based on their athletic background, stats or whatever they have done.  I understand that alot of people have recieved opportunities in life and things just didnt come to fruition for them.  However when someone does recieve an opportunity, then we have people saying they dont deserve that, theyre horrible, why did this place pick them over this person, and so on and so on.  I say my response to that in what Ive been through, when trying to perform for WWE for example, you have to have that look that theyre looking for at that time, or that build or body type that they need, or that height they need and then theres alot of guys who have more talent than anyone that dont get the opportunity.  Maybe it just wasnt your time, maybe they liked what he could offer as opposed to you, not saying that others are bad, but there is a thing called respect in this world and alot of people forget that.  Its time we all take that word and really apply it to what we have to say in our daily lives.  Of course this is just my opinion, I could be wrong and Thats Through The Eyes Of Lewis.