November 20, 2017

I must give a little reference as to the title of this blog, those words are the beginning of one of Charles Manson's famous ramblings that no one really ever knew what to make of, I mean none of them really made much sense anyway, to the masses at least, but that one was in a court room so it was quite the spectacle. It is official, Charles Manson died today and it's the end of an era; maybe not one we'd like to remember or look fondly upon but it was an era nonetheless. If anybody thinks that the death of Manson won't boost his celebrity even more is completely naive , or don't know how the internet works, HA; it seems to be the place where legends grow , good or bad. I remember reading in a few places over the years that Manson was completely abused as a child and never really felt wanted by anybody, goes to California with a sharp tongue and a nice guitar and finds a few people looking for somebody to lead them , give them direction, that's where the power grew and as you can probably imagine, the power that came with what he was doing to these people was probably intoxicating for someone who never got anyone's adoration before, EVER, and that's a pretty sad statement to make.


We all know the rest of the story, and although Manson didn't technically kill anyone, as far as we know, the poisoning of another human's conscience and mental state should be something that we look into a lot further as a criminal activity. I think that somewhere along the way, Manson broke, he actually had time with his conscience and I think maybe he might have made peace and accountability for what he had done and for what had happened because of his words and actions. I also think that when that moment happened, a choice was made, a choice my Manson to "fight the fight" and to keep believing the message he was expelling to all that would listen, all those years ago and even now. If you are somewhat of a "god" for misguided people then why would you give that up even in a prison cell isolated from the world? Look I was only in jail for twenty two hours and I had nothing but my thoughts and a water fountain, that was TWENTY TWO HOURS, this man was locked up for FIFTY PLUS YEARS so you know the thoughts of culpability crossed his mind.


I don't think Manson was mentally deficient, I think he was deliberate, everyday of his adult life. Manson did what we all do, we make choices, and I believe the choice he made was to "live the gimmick" if you will, so the people that look up to his derranged, twisted logic, have something to look up to so they don't feel abandoned like he did for most of his youth. I don't agree with it, and I'm not calling him a martyr or an idol but after all this time, it's the only reasoning that makes sense to me. To take away some lessons from this life of murder and mis-guidance, I hope we can find a couple things we've hopefully learned along the way.


A.) We all get the required attention and adoration we require to remind us of our place in the world, and other's lives.

B.) Don't let ANYBODY else think for you or carve your life's path

C.) We keep this from happening to future generations because even though we got some pretty deranged, mis-guided people walking around, we surely don't want to rival the criminal career of one.... CHARLES MILES MANSON...


Charles Manson

1934 - 2017