Ghost Are Creating Their Own Cinematic Universe

What Today's Most Creative Band Is Up To

September 23, 2019



Through short YouTube clips, EPs and well-placed Easter eggs Sweden's Ghost are creating a spooky tongue-in-cheek "Game of Thrones-ian" cinematic universe that spans 50 years...and you probably had no idea.

Ghost are easily one of the most polarizing bands of the last 5 years. They're all about schtick, they pay very close attention to theatrics, and they spend thousands of dollars on costumes and carefully crafted set designs. Sure it comes across as a little cheesy at times, but is it any less cheesy than band-branded paint-ball jerseys, a lead singer with a Lord of the Rings Sauron-type hand print on his face (*ahem* Ivan Moody), and has brought giant fake cannons on stage.

The hyper-creative Tobias Forge is doing something with Ghost that no rock band has ever done. He has created a multi-media storyline through short promotional clips, music videos, and the band's most recent EP "Seven Inches of Satanic Panic" that highlights the band's cheeky nature throughout. Allow me to recap the storyline in chronological order, not the order in which each piece was released.

(Spoiler alert if you haven't seen the 8 chapter YouTube series you can start with Chapter 1 here)

Basically, the story line follows a member of the Ghost clergy known as "The Sister" from 1969 to 2019. By the way, the "clergy" is a fictional church heirarchy that exists in the band's story. 50 years ago the Sister was scorned by the band's previous frontman "Papa Emeritus", who she was apparently romantically involved with, while on stage. This can be seen in Ghosts new music video for the psyadelic "Kiss the Goat". She disappears from the venue's balcony, having apparently left Papa for his indiscretion.

Jump to sometime in the 1980s and Sister can then be seen in the "Dance Macabre" music video, seducing a young man at a party. This man would later become "Cardinal Copia" and would later replace Papa as the clergy's figurehead. Fans can tell this is Cardinal by his signature albino eye which she apparently gives him mid-seduction.

Flash forward some 40 years later and Sister has re-entered the clergy. This is where it gets interesting. In a story arc that can only be compared to Game of Thrones, Sister supplants the now elderly Papa and his sons with Cardinal Copia. She achieves this by pushing the ageing Papa out, murdering his sons, and lobbying for Cardinal as his replacement. Papa suspects something is up as Copia can be seen bumbling around the mansion, getting lost, and riding a tricycle. Is he some sort of vapid figurehead? Is Sister the real power behind the throne? Stay tuned.

All of this, by the way, mirrors the real-life legal struggles between Forge and his former bandmates during which court documents revealed Tobias Forge does not legally own the Papa Emeritus character. Or was all of that a ruse that allowed the band to transition in a new direction?