Disgusted By What I See

April 3, 2018

We have a culture issue in this country and internet annonymity is to blame.

Last night I posted a GREAT story on the Planet's facebook page. After battling substance abuse issues, after which he claims he's lucky to be alive, Five Finger Death Punch bassist Chris Kael announced that he's now over two months sober. Whatever your opinions of the band are, it's always a reason to celebrate and lift someone up when they battle personal demons and win. But as it always happens, some people took this as an opportunity to trash the band...to say they suck...to suggest he'll likely now quit the band because nobody can stand to be in it sober. Used to be, when somebody was that big of a scum bag to say things like that they'd better be able to fight because they were likely to get knocked out for being an a-hole. I'm no life-long card-carrying brass-knuckle sporting fan of Five Finger Death Punch but our first response to a story of a rock star getting clean, especially after recently losing both Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington to substance abuse and depression, should be to lift him or her up not tear them down.

To anyone struggling with drugs, alcohol, depression, PTSD, bi-polar disorder, and other issues - I've got your back. Every day is a struggle. Backslides happen. Some days are better - some days are worse. Stay strong. Push through it and do not let the miserable sacks of s**t who try to poke holes in your happiness on the internet pull you down.