Diesel: "Think Big / Mosh Local"

May 10, 2017

For all those who went, Carolina Rebellion was a major success. Sure it was cold on Friday, wet on Saturday, and beautiful on Sunday. And sure you got to see a bunch of really great bands but festivals like this are what's killing smaller local venues. Instead of spending the several hundred dollars on tickets, camping, parking, food, beverage, and merchandise I spent $30 seeing an awesome show at a local Spartanburg staple, Ground Zero...a venue that has existed for well over two decades. The band was deathcore juggernauts Oceano. The crowd was quite smaller than the 40,000+ at the festival campgrounds. But it felt more...real. More visceral. More intimate. And guess what, tickets didn't equal half a rent payment. Simply feeding and hydrating yourself for three days wasn't a car payment.

Look, I know festivals have their benefits...they allow many people to blow off steam in an epic three day rager, but don't forget...rock and roll ain't supposed to be about major corporate sponsors making a profit. Small clubs are dying off. If you don't support them they'll all be gone.