3 Things You Don't Know About Rival Sons

Also watch a special performance of "Jordan"

January 28, 2019

Rival Sons are riding the momentum of their brand new LP, Feral Roots, into an extensive winter and spring tour. The band from California is no stranger to the road, and the musicians have experienced just about everything imaginable – from unsightly sights at truck stops, to fan requests for pictures in bathrooms. Learn three things you didn’t know about Rival Sons in the video above.

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Feral Roots is the sixth studio album for Rival Sons and finds the band perfecting their classic rock-inspired, blue-based sound. There were a lot of other successes along the way since the band formed a decade ago- like 2012's Head Down. It included the song “Jordan,” which frontman Jay Buchanan wrote for a close friend who was losing her mother at the time. Watch a special performance of the track below.